Starting costs for projects and hourly rates

5’x8’ bathroom renovations starting price $ 7,500

Ensuite bathrooms with separate tub and show starting price at $ 12,500

Rates starting at 40$ per hour for skilled labour

Rates starting at 50$ per hour for highly skilled worker

Rates starting at 55$ per hour for ticketed carpenters

Small project rates 150/hr for first hour 60/hr for every hour after

Consulting fees 150/hr which includes thermal imaging camera and pictures if needed.

New builds consulting and walk through and given check list for builder 175/hr

Home purchase evaluation and inspection of property with thermal imaging , 200/hr it is not a home inspection for purchasing but inspection if you have questions and want some answers right there on the spot, I can provide enough information with my 22+ years’ experience in the home building trades  for you to make a decision on purchase or not.

Note thermal imaging is best done with extreme temperature ranges. With outside temp different than interior for checking heating or cooling loss. Moisture testing can be done at any time.

Basement development rough Sq/ft costs.

Keep in mind these are rough and costs will vary depending on product selections and details of basement.

Base price basement development no bathroom starting at 40/Sq/ft

With 3 piece bathroom $ 45/Sq/ft

With wet bar max size of 6’ in length $ 50/Sq/ft

Insulating of ceiling for sound ad 3-5$/ sqft dependent on amount of sound control required

Many other options available. Better off to have product selections chosen before a site visit so I can price according the actual products you choose, more often than not people always pick more than budgeted amount and have difficulty choosing to go with a less expensive or deal with the higher cost.

Also many projects are job specific, like a basement wet bar and entertainment set up, fully legal basement suite, heavy sound control in basement, heavy heating and cooling control.

We have full insurances in place. Wcb coverage for workers 5 mil liability insurance and all proper licensing and permits for working in Calgary and surrounding area.