Welcome to the Red Isle Construction website!

Red Isle Construction is looking to develop new customers for the upcoming season!

We are skilled in custom finish work, millwork, cabinets as well as bathroom and kitchen renovations, basement developments and major renovations. We take pride in our work in everything from simple drywall repairs to complete renovations. Do it right the first time is our motto.

We always discuss proper building practices with our customers and explore alternative options. This allows us to achieve the end result for what the customer wants and what they can afford. We also consult on our customer's current projects that already have another contractor and prefer an outside opinion to discuss their quality skills.

Ryan, the owner of Red Isle Construction, has been working in home renovations for over 25 plus years. We realize learning all aspects of residential construction is beneficial not only to us, but also benefits you and helps develop a trusting relationship. We are licensed with The Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program. We are insured and licensed to work in the City of Calgary.

If you are looking to develop a long term trusting relationship with a reputable contractor then contact us! Send us your information and your job/task at hand and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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